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Like A Paradise
Thursday, September 10, 2015 • 9:06 PM • 0 comments


September 11, 2015.
Here I now, in Johor Matriculation Johor. Semester will meet its end in 5 more weeks. Which mean that FINAL EXAM SEMESTER 1 is cominggg ! And ye I'm still doing nothing. Still running my fingers on the keypads, typing unnecessary things that won't help me during the exams.

4 months being in this college and I didn't have the opportunity to share my thoughts about my living here. haha that's normal since I only update my blog once a year. yeah. 

Then, let me share mine.
I met these bunch of people whom I thought that I won't be able to get along. 20 friends that I made in practicum MS11. From the first impression , I thought that they were a studious, well it seems like I was wrong. haha

Since there are 20 of them, I'll talk about the one I'm close with. XD

Yusof, a chatter. a talkative. a big bully. The JMC YDP. He tends to appear as a cold person. But he's actually damn funny. Such a good listener of mine. He listen to my problems a lot. Kinda a big brother of mine. haha 

Aiman, he has The Joker's smile. never get serious in everything, even for our MUET. a playboy, maybe? hahahaha sorry man. well, we get along easily. 

Fakhrurrazi, how can I describe him? Quiet, shy, handsome and whats more? Well, he's too quiet from the first time I met him. But once you are close with him, he can turn to be a total different person. lol he's damn funny. trust me haha

Madihah, it seems like we've been together since our SAMURA time. a classmate, a roommate, a groupmate. haha she's everything I believed. There's nothing about her that changes, unless she'd gained weight. haha just please lose some weight buddy. haha 

Intan Nazirah, lol she's a kind of friend that I've been looking for. She's like another me. Bhahaha another fellow JPP member. Loves to summon me at the late hour just to hear to her thoughts and problems. Well, I'm her talking diary and her best listener. She entrusts me with her secret, but unfortunately, I tend to forget everything she had told me. Unfortunately. bahahaha. 

Sakiinah, a fellow SBP friend from STJ. I believed we've met coincidentally in SAMURA in 2013. During the HKSBP. But none of us recognized each other. She's the only friend I got during the first time I was in MS11. love you kiin

Intan Syafiqah, another Intan in the class. haha small and chat alot. I can't stand the moment she starts talking. how can I stop her? bhahaha emotional at times and easily stress. hahaha 

There's more I wish to share about my friends here. But it will take hours to describe 20 of them. 

Maybe theres time where I believed I wont make it through this semester. But, I always have them to cheer me up. the mixture of their 'kerenah' always make me smile . Never thought of being regret to be here. And I'm always grateful to be able to know them and even though we may go to separate way in the future, I'll cherish every single moment that I'd spend with them. There are just too precious to be forgotten. Love 20 of you MS11. Thank you for coming into my life.

xoxo, The Shining Star
The TOUGH me
Wednesday, May 6, 2015 • 6:17 AM • 0 comments

Well. It has been a while since the last time I posted an entry. A while? 5 months for exact. After SPM, things never went smoothly. I was put in a huge struggle to be a better me Or maybe, should I say, a TOUGHER me?
yeah. I won't share about my private life on the net. Its quite scary and untrustworthy ? Yes. Okay , let me sum up. I am the one who face it, and I'm still fine. Still breathing alright and never ever had across my mind to do something suicidal. Because I believe in fate and I believe in wha Allah had arranged for me. It may seem hard and tough at the beginning, but maybe, who knows... every cloud has a silver lining.
People might say that am insane... But , that's the only choice I have. Live or leave. 

xoxo, The Shining Star
Friday, December 12, 2014 • 8:31 AM • 0 comments


Well. Things are not going smoothly. Things were bad since I finish my SPM. I don't know what I can say for this moment. Sometimes, I thought I was living a perfect life. But, it was only a dream. A dream that will never become a reality.

xoxo, The Shining Star
Sunday, July 6, 2014 • 12:48 AM • 0 comments


Its never to late to wish Happy Ramadhan Mubarak. fasting in boarding school wasnt to bad. I dont really have time to think that I'm hungry or starving to death. homework and books live around me and they begged me not to abandon them. 

The midyear things were quite bad for me. Such a hard time you know. to break my parents' heart wasnt my choice. its more to be like 'Thats all i can give by this meant time. it is a huge lie if i say i dont want to make parents proud. it need time. but i dont really have much time left. pre-trial will start next week and the SBP trial will be started right after Eid holidays. NO RAYAAA !

Ya Allah, Help me to face all this obstacles.


xoxo, The Shining Star
I Am A Fiver
Friday, February 28, 2014 • 8:07 PM • 0 comments


Here you go 2014. It's March already. Esok bakal bermulanya Ujian 1. harap dapat lakukan yang terbaik untuk permulaan hidup sebagai pelajar tingkatan 5 ini. risau sama Biology dan Addmath ku itu. bilalah nak dapat A agaknya yek? 

Sekarang dah jadi senior team bola jaring. banyak lagi yang nak kena ajar kat team junior. Karnival SBP bulan depan. aku dgn team senior pulak yang gemuruh tahap cipan. Harapkan juniors jelah nak teruskan legacy kitorang and batch 30 dah buat. adik-adik, buatlah yang terbaik untuk diri korang, cikgu mun and cikgu shahriza and untuk sekolah. taknaklah sia-siakan peluang keemasan korang tu. kami hanya mampu membantu.

enough for today. lets continue with Biology chapter 1. :)

xoxo, The Shining Star
Thursday, December 26, 2013 • 5:37 AM • 0 comments


2013 is leaving. Everything has change a lot this year. And I've achieve and lose a lot this year. The most precious memory will remain as a memory. A future need to be created, with hope that it will be a better one. Sometimes, I thought that everything I've done is the best one, but who knows? I think I made it wrongly. Left the house, said that I'll make us living a better live, but I'm the one who make it worst. 

I put everything at risk, being so selfish. That wasn't the real me after all. 

I just want to hope that, I can keep moving, with a better phase in the right path. To make sure everything I dreamed of, would be a beautiful reality. 

God, please strengthen this relationship just like the one you created 2decades ago. Just you I ask, Just you I hope. You're the one. 

2014 will be extremely a tough year for me and my brother. We're the hope for our family better living, God please bless us.

xoxo, The Shining Star
Saturday, November 2, 2013 • 10:59 PM • 0 comments

Alkisah hari ni hari ahad. aku sudah melepak di rumah madihah selama 3 hari disebabkan aku dan pelajar tingkatan 4 hanya dikurniakan cuti optional sempena deepavali. bersyukur sekurang kurangnya dapat jugak keluar dari bumi yang mengurung aku itu. cehh. dramatic seyyy. dilayan seperti anak sendiri. Alhamdulillah.
alkisah sebenarnya malas nk balik samura. tapi kalau agak agak sijil berhnti tu nak dapat memuaskan je, mu dok payah balik. buke ke gitu? yess. besides, aku dah janji dengan kak anne, aku takkan nakal or rebel. jadi, janji harus dipegang! plus, aku kenalah jaga nama cikgu mun and sebagai ketua pasukan bola jarring samura yg dah pencen ni. puihh!
alkisah result exam aku penuh warna warni. A A- B C D E semua ada. pakej lengkap. yeahhh! tapi, nekad tahun depan kena ada satu warna ja. only A A A A A A A A A. PLUS KE MINUS ke aku tak kesah ! tapi untuk result tahun ni, tetap bersyukur sekurang kurangnya semua lulus. 1 je failed. aku sendiri betapa huru haranya hidup aku kat samura tahun ni. jadual hidup aku langsung tak teratur and memenatkan disebabkan komitmen penuh yang aku kena bagi kat sekolah as atlet. asyik tidur and penat je dalam kelas. focus memang lari. tapi, aku percaya aku boleh buat yg terbaik tahun depan. kena jaga barakah yang aku ada. InsyaAllah. everything gonna be fine next year. Amin
For my seniors, perjuangan korang sudah hamper ke penghujungnya. buatlah yang terbaik. akak akak dorm budiman 5, seniors boja, i'll always pray for your best! just don't worry about me and the others about 2014 and batch 32. we can handle it. just put your trust on us.

xoxo, The Shining Star
2Months Later.
Saturday, October 12, 2013 • 8:00 AM • 0 comments


Yes. After 2 months away from home, I'm here again. First story to tell is, pasukan Bola Jaring SBP SAMURA Batch 31 dapat Naib Johan untuk Karnival Bola Jaring SBP Kebangsaan Kali Ke-3. Maaf sebab kecewakan pihak sekolah sebab tak dapat johan tahun ni. after everything that you guys had done, we are so sorry. but, never thought that no one expected us will manage to go to final. LOL. our enemies were not easy one. huh. bermati-matian tahu.

but, thanks to Allah for all his blesses for us for the 3days of carnival. walaupun ada yang injured, demam and even keracunan makanan, we still manage to go thru everything. Alhamdulillah :)

After 8days of the tournament, I sat for the final year! mannnn. Aku stay up gila-gila tahu. untuk paper agama, aku stay up sampai 4am. bangun tidur 5.30am. terhuyung hayang aku berjalan. tapi nasib baik masa jawab paper tu tak ngantuk, just mata aku je yang layu. okey. sekali lagi alhamdulillah :)

Semoga aku lulus subjek-subjek killer. Ameen :)

xoxo, The Shining Star
#SBPLife 1
Saturday, August 3, 2013 • 12:31 AM • 0 comments


Hello there. Long time no see ! okay. sekarang sedang bercuti panjang yang tak berapa nak panjang. About 16 days of holidays. Cuti kali ini, InsyaAllah telah dirancang dengan sempurna. Beraya mungkin tak berapa nak sakan sebab titipan daripada cikgu cikgu takkan dilupakan. haha. homework mariiii~ kekeke.

hari ni 3rd August. 19th September will arrive soon. apakah? birhday pakwe kah? oh tidakk. Kejohanan Bola Jaring SBP yang tertangguh itulah. Jerebu hari tu punya cerita, aisyyy. sedihhh =...=
Disebabkan tertangguhnya kejohanan itu, maka aku dah rakan sepasukan kenalah training setiap hari even bulan puasa. nampak tak kami sanggup bermati-matian. semoga segala-galanya berbaloi. Aminn. mohon doa dari seluruh warga SAMURA. kekeke

Cerita pasal midterm yang lepas. serious talk rasa macam nak cabut je kertas ranking kat papan kenyataan tu. dah lah addmath aku gagal. Dahlah gagal, G4 pulak tu. buat malu je. tapi Cikgu Munirah kept comforting aku. Dia cakap takpe, masa midterm aku tengah training, ada kejohanan. dia suruh aku struggle untuk final year. CIkgu Shahriza pun cakap benda yang sama. Terima kasih cikgu, for your concerns. Sayang cikgu. <3 p="">

Puasa di SAMURA. okay. life is fun. seronok gila puasa kat asrama. hari first sahur, DM tu penuh macam orang nak makan tengah hari. masuk hari ke 3 and 4, haha. barulah nampak style sahurnya. makin sikittttt. akulah antara manusia yang tak pergi sahur. hari-hari pukul 4 bangun, tapi makan kurma, minum air masak, bummmm tidur balik. kekeke duduk aras 2 wooo. malas nak turun. lain lah kalau aku punya dorm kat ground floor. merangkak pun sampai DM. haha

And one beautiful story is, kami buat Qiamullail pada jam 3.30 pagi di gelanggang bola tampar di hadapan Aspuri. woooo. sangat indah hidup ini. lepas tu terus pergi sahur. meriah meriah. 
p/s: aku rasa aku je yang feeling macam gitu sekali.

And final day kami bersahur bersama-sama adalah pada 2nd August. Awww. pecah rekod dunia Budiman 5 bersahur secara beramai-ramai. tapi 12/15 je lah yang turun. tapi takpe, kami tetap enjoy. Plus, hari hari makan ayam masa bulan ramadhan ni. ikan pernah muncul sekali je. dahsyat dahsyat.
Balik rumah, cakap dengan ibu, "Ibu, tolong jangan masak ayam. dah takboleh nak hadap." kekeke

That's all from me today.
Wishing a huge GOOD LUCK for batch 30!
Trial is COMING!

xoxo, The Shining Star
Hello :)
Tuesday, May 28, 2013 • 5:45 AM • 0 comments

Assalamualaikum. It's me again ! agak agak dah 4 bulan aku tak update blog. heee. apa taknya. nak sign in blog guna laptop tak boleh. twitter pun sama. sedihh. nasib baik guna tab boleh. ni pun dah berapa kali hang baru dapat taip. $
okay. nak cerita dari bulan mac. kenapa mac? sebab mac ada birthday aku. haha. tahu tak 13 and 14 mac aku wakil sekolah pergi mssd bola jaring? kena prank dengan seniors sampai nangis nangis. by the way, sayang seniors aku. bak kata kak anne, johan tahun ni hadiah birthday aku. thankyou. such a meaningful birthday gift. love you guys !
then, balik game tu just call mak aku cakap dapat johan. and got a wish from mommy. petang tu izzaty wish. by that night, my sisters of budiman 5 wishing me a blastful happy birthday !
okey, kumpulan terakhir yang wish birthday aku was 4AriFalah! appreciate korang although lambat sehari. never mind. maklumlah, masa birthday aku tu, aku mana ada dalam kelas. kannn? haha. but, kecewa sikit. time holidays, aku check facebook, some of kawan kawan aku tak wish pun birthday aku. felt least important ? yes. i do. even right now i still feel the same.

next ! tak tahulah macam mana aku boleh dapat title captain untuk pasukan hksbp samura. such a huge challenge for me. nasib baik kak anne ada. aku dahlah tak pandai independent. so, kak anne banyak membantu. thank you !
newest thing happen. 17 of May, join team Ledang wakil untuk MSSJ bola jaring. walaupun setakat suku akhir, tetap bersyukur sebab kitorang lawan dengan yang bukan calang calang. dah janji dengan senior, InsyaAllah tahun depan kena sampai separuh akhir.

the thing that make me worry the most is hksbp! dua minggu lagi. people put a high expectation on my team. i have to do a lot of thing to make sure we win this tournament! huhh. mintak mintak teammates aku bersemangat jugak macam aku. bila aku nak jogging ni? kang naik cuti pengsan 5 round sekolah.

xoxo, The Shining Star


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