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Like A Paradise
Thursday, December 26, 2013 • 5:37 AM • 0 comments


2013 is leaving. Everything has change a lot this year. And I've achieve and lose a lot this year. The most precious memory will remain as a memory. A future need to be created, with hope that it will be a better one. Sometimes, I thought that everything I've done is the best one, but who knows? I think I made it wrongly. Left the house, said that I'll make us living a better live, but I'm the one who make it worst. 

I put everything at risk, being so selfish. That wasn't the real me after all. 

I just want to hope that, I can keep moving, with a better phase in the right path. To make sure everything I dreamed of, would be a beautiful reality. 

God, please strengthen this relationship just like the one you created 2decades ago. Just you I ask, Just you I hope. You're the one. 

2014 will be extremely a tough year for me and my brother. We're the hope for our family better living, God please bless us.

xoxo, The Shining Star


Hi, im Wey-nniie. Steal anything what u can steal :D. bold italic underline strike

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