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Like A Paradise
Thursday, September 10, 2015 • 9:06 PM • 0 comments


September 11, 2015.
Here I now, in Johor Matriculation Johor. Semester will meet its end in 5 more weeks. Which mean that FINAL EXAM SEMESTER 1 is cominggg ! And ye I'm still doing nothing. Still running my fingers on the keypads, typing unnecessary things that won't help me during the exams.

4 months being in this college and I didn't have the opportunity to share my thoughts about my living here. haha that's normal since I only update my blog once a year. yeah. 

Then, let me share mine.
I met these bunch of people whom I thought that I won't be able to get along. 20 friends that I made in practicum MS11. From the first impression , I thought that they were a studious, well it seems like I was wrong. haha

Since there are 20 of them, I'll talk about the one I'm close with. XD

Yusof, a chatter. a talkative. a big bully. The JMC YDP. He tends to appear as a cold person. But he's actually damn funny. Such a good listener of mine. He listen to my problems a lot. Kinda a big brother of mine. haha 

Aiman, he has The Joker's smile. never get serious in everything, even for our MUET. a playboy, maybe? hahahaha sorry man. well, we get along easily. 

Fakhrurrazi, how can I describe him? Quiet, shy, handsome and whats more? Well, he's too quiet from the first time I met him. But once you are close with him, he can turn to be a total different person. lol he's damn funny. trust me haha

Madihah, it seems like we've been together since our SAMURA time. a classmate, a roommate, a groupmate. haha she's everything I believed. There's nothing about her that changes, unless she'd gained weight. haha just please lose some weight buddy. haha 

Intan Nazirah, lol she's a kind of friend that I've been looking for. She's like another me. Bhahaha another fellow JPP member. Loves to summon me at the late hour just to hear to her thoughts and problems. Well, I'm her talking diary and her best listener. She entrusts me with her secret, but unfortunately, I tend to forget everything she had told me. Unfortunately. bahahaha. 

Sakiinah, a fellow SBP friend from STJ. I believed we've met coincidentally in SAMURA in 2013. During the HKSBP. But none of us recognized each other. She's the only friend I got during the first time I was in MS11. love you kiin

Intan Syafiqah, another Intan in the class. haha small and chat alot. I can't stand the moment she starts talking. how can I stop her? bhahaha emotional at times and easily stress. hahaha 

There's more I wish to share about my friends here. But it will take hours to describe 20 of them. 

Maybe theres time where I believed I wont make it through this semester. But, I always have them to cheer me up. the mixture of their 'kerenah' always make me smile . Never thought of being regret to be here. And I'm always grateful to be able to know them and even though we may go to separate way in the future, I'll cherish every single moment that I'd spend with them. There are just too precious to be forgotten. Love 20 of you MS11. Thank you for coming into my life.

xoxo, The Shining Star


Hi, im Wey-nniie. Steal anything what u can steal :D. bold italic underline strike

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